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Whether you are spending a leisurely afternoon alone, or enjoying a table full of feast with friends, we would like to invite you to this historic house to savor the thoughtfully prepared seasonal flavors and enjoy heartfelt moments together.


Certificate of Excellence

Certificate of Excellence

There is no application process for the Certificate of Excellence, and the achievement is earned over time. There is no application process for the Certificate of Excellence, and the achievement is earned over time.

Gold Award

Qingtian 76 was the Winner of the Old Building New Life Awards 2011.Team members running this historic house are mostly alumni of Geoscience Department, National Taiwan University, who are grateful for the department and dedicated to education in science popularization, hoping to make “Qingtian 76” as a base for promoting geoscience education.

Gold Award

Review List

  • Robert Redman Avatar
    Robert Redman

    It was amazing to enjoy new age Japanese food in a well-preserved Japanese style cottage. I had a wounded experience there.

    Claire Ko Avatar
    Claire Ko
    positive review 

    Nice China x Japanese style restaurant, and the food was really good there! The little cabin-like room they told us to eat at was wonderlandiful! 🙂

  • Richard Greentea Avatar
    Richard Greentea
    positive review 

    Had the pleasure of dining at this fine restaurant with close friends and family on 10/27.

    Excellent service delivered by Shirley as she explained the menu thoroughly and professionally.

    Make sure to order chef’s special as it was limited. The entree and sashimi were refreshing and well presented.

    Seasonal menu updates means that we will be heading back for more surprises.

    Cheers Shirley!

    – From the table of 8 in the center of your fine house

    林艾艾 Avatar
    positive review 

    The gracious and sweet service in the elegant environment is very impressive. All staff made me fell rested on the day. I do appreciate and would like to recommend u come again.


Customer Review

This building used to be the residence of professor Ma Ting-Ying. We hope that more people will get to know this house from the interesting stories shared during the tour. Visitors may spend additional moments here and relax with the dining options. The revenue also helps support the maintenance and operation of this house so that the management can be self-sufficient, which truly revitalizes this old structure.

Qingtian Presents

The chef insists on using locally grown rice, fruits and vegetables with saltwater fish and other seasonal ingredients. The delectable cuisine also reflects chef’s knowledge on these ingredients.

To conserve the old structure and be friendly to the environment, the menu is designed to highlight natural flavors of the ingredients, which not only preserves freshness, but also minimizes damages to the aging structure.
Using a single product of non-based modified soybeans imported from Canada, the whole bean is cooked to produce a high concentration of protein, and the bean is fragrant and mellow, with a particularly delicate and dense texture.
Fresh rice
Tainan 11, the rice grown right here in Taiwan, is milled at the restaurant to preserve the nutritional value.
Ice cream
Guests may enjoy the wide varieties of fresh and nutritious ingredients with peace of mind.
Straight from the butcher
Freshly delivered from the butcher, the pork is marinated with fresh pineapple to tenderize the meat with natural enzyme.
Canadian Crab Lobster
Fresh from the ocean
Lusciousness and freshness is delivered with wild lobsters from the low temperature region of the Canadian seas.
Angus Black Bull
The CAB certified Angus beef is from free ranged cattle in the U.S.
Featured Selection
The classic Western and Japanese desserts are attentively selected to go with the season.

Seasonal Menu

The menu is updated periodically to reflect seasonal ingredients from Taiwan.

Online Reservation

Time has frozen inside this historic Japanese style structure. Open the doors, and let time flow again.
We would like to welcome you to tour and dine in this old house.